Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review Featuring, Author Heath Lowrance

Another session on my dragon half sleeve today at Malefic Tattoos, with my daughter Sam, our apprentice, and Fabien both working on it together.

I chilled with Heath Lowrance's new novel on my iPad, City Of Heritics, just released this month by Snubnose Press.

I've been waiting on this book from Heath for a while now, and as I suspected it's been worth the wait. I'm only a few chapters in, but it's damn good, hard to put down, and kept me up late the night before.

The story is about an aging gangster named Crowe who's just out of the pen after a seven year stretch. Now back out on the streets of Memphis, he hooks up with his old crime operation to do a hit on the man who brutally murdered and mutilated the mob boss's wife.

Yeah, I'd say that guy's in a wee bit of trouble.

It was a rainy day today, a little cold and dreary, so we decided to do things up old school at the tattoo shop and broke out the bottle of maple whiskey that Fabien brought back from Quebec where he did a two week guest artist's spot at Nephtys Tattoos in Sherbrooke.

Brandy, our piercer extraordinaire, joined us and the first shot went down so smooth I had to follow it with three more. I swear to Bob we don't normally do this at the shop. Actually we never do this. But here we are drinking on the job and probably giving tattooist everywhere a bad name. Yeah, cause we didn't have that already, even though the fact is that most tattooists today are art nerds coming straight out of art school (like my daughter), and not prison the way the stereotype would have it.

Anyway, today we had more fun than being on a rooftop with an AK47 and a herd of zombies... Well, maybe not quite that much fun, but it was close.

In the chapter I'm reading in City Of Heritics, Crowe has just woken up with an old friend he finds at a club called the Cuba Libre. A beautiful black bartender named Faith who makes bacon and eggs for Crowe and serves it up with a bottle of rum for herself. Yes, for breakfast. That's what she's drinking. Rum. The last time I had rum for breakfast I was in Mexico. I'd get up with the birds, park my ass in the hot tub that overlooked the ocean, order my first of many Pina Coladas and watch the sun rise. And there I would stay for most of the day. My kind of vacation.

Heath Lowrance's first book, The Bastard Hand, is another awesome crime novel that takes place in the Mississippi where Heath has previously lived. I highly recommend this novel. It has something like thirty-one five star reviews. So, yes, people are loving it.

Heath has a collection of short stories available called Dig Ten Graves. It has over twenty five star reviews. Check out the previous Tattoo And A Review Featuring, Heath Lowrance where I talk about Dig Ten Graves.

Heath also has a very cool story in Pulp Ink 2, a collection of crime fiction, along with myself and some supremely talented crime writers that I recommend as well.

You can visit Heath at his blog Psycho-Noir where he writes about crime fiction and stuff, and learn more about his other books and stories. He's got plenty.

Cheers City Of Heretics, another impressive crime novel.


  1. Everything Heath writes is top, top writing!

  2. Les is spot on - Heath rocks. And then some.

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