Monday, June 11, 2012

My Daughter The Tattoo Artist...

Meet my daughter Sam. She just started tattooing a couple of weeks ago. After doing a few small free ones on her friends, she decided to tattoo herself. It's a strange thing to tattoo oneself. I know, I've done it before just to see what it was like. I did a very small bee on my foot and it was definitely weird.

So when Sam said she was going to tattoo herself and showed me a picture of a rather large bee that she wanted to put on her leg, I gave her that mother look. You know the one, that one-eyed squint with the slight disapproving raise of a perfectly penciled on eyebrow. That do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do look? Yeah, that's the one she got from me. The old reproachful, and at the same time, completely hypocritical look that moms are ever so skilled at executing.

After trying unsuccessfully to convince her to make it smaller (I don't think I've ever said those words in the shop. We always suggest bigger), Sam would not be swayed. Sadly, the mother look has lost all it's power! She is 19 after all, and can do whatever the hell she wants. But you know mothers, we don't always acknowledge this fact not when it comes to our precious little babies.

So I helped her place the stencil on her leg (hard to get it on straight when it's on yourself) and said, "Well, I can always laser it off another time." Because we offer laser tattoo removal, which is quite effective if you want to divorce your tattoo. Who says it has to be forever? And after an hour or so of steady concentration, this is the outline she did on herself . Impressive? Most definitely! Aside from tattooing grapefruits, pig skin and synthetic tattoo practice skin, Sam has previously done maybe three or four tattoos on other people. So it was most impressive that she brought this level of skill this early to the tattoo on herself. Mother is proud.

Here is Sam tattooing her nephew John today who is a year younger than her. This is perhaps her seventh tattoo. All the free ones were quickly scooped up. Starting next week she will be charging for her work at a reduced rate. If you're in the Toronto area and want Sam to tattoo you, drop by Malefic Tattoos and have a chat.She's usually around Monday to Saturday between 1 and 7pm. Except for this weekend when she'll be with us at the Toronto NIX Tattoo Convention downtown.

Take a look at this picture of Sam and John taken in 1995 when they were both babies. My how they've grown. All that sweet innocence, where did it go? Lost somewhere between the baby formula and the tattoo ink.

Check out A Tattoo And A Review With My Daughter Sam where I tattoo her while she reviews one of my books. It's kind of awesome.