Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Evening Of Mystery At Ben McNally Books

The fabulous Ben McNally Books downtown Toronto, along with ECW Press, hosted a fun evening with some of Canada's coolest crime writers.
John McFetridge entertained everyone reading an excerpt from his latest book, Tumblin' Dice.

John's a great guy and a fantastic writer. Check out the review I did recently for Tumblin' Dice over at Spinetingler.

John McFetridge has written a number of crime novels all based in Toronto: Dirty Sweet, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Swap and now Tumblin' Dice, which was just released in March. His writing style has been compared to Elmore Leonard and he indeed writes some dark and gritty stuff with lots of swearing. Love that. You can never have too much foul language in a crime book. You've got to be able to offend your grandma if you want to do it right.

David Whellams, author of Walking into the Ocean, also read to us.

David is an Ottawa based writer and has a background in criminal law. His book, Walking into the Ocean is a mystery novel set in Britain and features Veteran Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Peter Cammon who, while investigating the murder of a woman, discovers and even

bigger mystery involving a number of deaths that might be the work of a serial killer. Sounds like fun to me. Who doesn't love serial killers?

Toronto author Brent Pilkey read an interesting excerpt from his book; a humorous little part that went into detailed descriptions of cop's underwear. I'll never be able to look at them without thinking about what might be in their pants, I mean under their pants. Under wear? Their pants. Yes, that's it. I got cop's briefs on my brain now.

Brent is a Toronto cop himself so when he talks about cops (and their boxers) he knows what he's saying. Savage Rage is Brent's second book set in Toronto, featuring the character of officer Jack Warren. You can read my review of Savage Rage over at Goodreads. It's a pretty cool book, as is Brent's first one, Lethal Rage.

Another Toronto writer, Dorothy McIntosh, author of The Witch of Babylon was at tonight's event, showing her support. Dorothy chatted me up about the new book in her trilogy coming out soon and it sounds fantastic. I've got a review of The Witch of Babylon on my blog. It's a page turner.

Ben McNally's is a great little book store on Bay Street, with a really elegant atmosphere. Check it out if you're in the Toronto area. And be sure to visit ECW Press for a list of all the books of tonight's featured authors.


  1. Hey, if he is from Toronto, he can't be a bad guy! lol

    Looks like you had some fun as well. Very, very cool.

  2. Thanks Julia, it was a lot of fun (once the reading was over and nervousness had passed ;)

  3. Great post. John McF is one of my fav authors. Love the excellent recap and pics. Thanks for letting me know about the other writers as well!